Old God Corruption Edit

It's a well known fact that the Old Gods are beings of corruption, their entire purpose being to infest worlds like a Parasite and corrupt the potential World Seed within. They are creations of the Void Lords, manifest into our reality to bring about a Dark Titan and spread the influence of the Void.

Those who consort with the Old Gods are often 'tainted' or corrupted in varying ways and forms. It can be as simple as Their influence or blessing, or consequence of wielding more chaotic forms of magic, such as Shadow, Void, Chaos and Twilight. Generally speaking, the devoted are offered blessing and those who simply came into contact will find themselves growing twisted both on the inside and out.

Though corruption is a fairly common occurrence to those involved with anything Old God related on Azeroth, it is not something one develops overnight. Initiates and new-comers will have to earn their place, and it is unlikely a regular Cultist would have any corruption at all for some time, if ever. Once one grows closer to sources of Old God power and influence, or willingly give themselves over to the whispers or mental corruption, they they might find themselves offered blessing.

Forms of Corruption in Azerothian Life Edit


Forms of Corruption on the Land Edit


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