Humble Beginnings Edit

"And so we left, taking a ship christened to be forever known as the Beguiler into the frozen wastes of Northrend. Aboard were all those members of a former family that were seeking a new life, away from the darkness and shadow, through the 'light' and into something beyond. We sailed for a good week before finally docking outside of the small Forsaken encampment known as Vengeance Landing. 

The place was cold and lonely, but it was far away from the troubles that we had left behind. No forsaken zealots would find us, no hostile Cultists seeking to reclaim their blood. A new family was born that night, under the names of freedom and enlightenment. Here we would set to work planning the finer details for a trip deep into the icy wastes of the Storm Peaks, to a place known by many as Ulduar, the rumored prison of Yogg Saron himself. 

We didn’t know what we would find or even if there would be answers, but we did know that this truth was worth seeking out, even if we had to risk their own lives. But did we find what we sought? Or were we left with only more questions..." - Diabela Dar'ana

Vengeance landing by mistress of plague-d7epmam

The Sect left the Swamp of Sorrows aboard the newly claimed Beguiler, heading to Northrend to find exactly where their place in this world was. Time skip of one week passed, and the family came back ICly in Vengeance Landing, Howling Fjord. Soon however, the family would find themselves low on supplies and moral. Though the ship provided shelter, it was not stocked full of food, water and warmth needed for those who still counted themselves among the living.

"The Family are running low on supplies. Although we were lucky enough to have our ship, as a whole we were not making an income and it is starting to weigh heavily on the remaining family. We didn't have the gold to hire mercenaries to continue to feed those of our own.

The Sect needed to find a means of survival and they needed to find it soon, least the icy winds of Northrend really did steal away their souls. They needed the supplies to make it back to Kalmidor, enough fuel to run their ship, timber for their fires and coin to take on new men. 

It was up to the family to seek out a new means of employment in order to survive the coming trials and it needed to happen fast. For the long trek to Ulduar will take its toll, and we may not have been in the position to survive it." - Diabela Dar'ana

Undead destroyer WoW

The Sect set about gathering supplies and resources, stocking up on what little they could gather and preparing the ship for further travel. Though soon they would leave the safety of the Beguiler and head further into the Fjord with hopes of reaching the beautiful prison city of Ulduar. Sadly, avoiding large townships is often a must have for those allied with the Old Gods, making it rather hard to resupply.

"After many days of planning, we made our way through the mountains and into the beautiful lands of Grizzly Hills. We had seen many things this day, beautiful herds of Wild Horses, Stone Giants and Wolves that roamed the lands freely. It was a harsh and dangerous land, but the Family had managed to pass through fairly safely, aside from a small incident with a rather rapid Bear. 

And so we set up camp, tucked safely together for the night. We only intended to stay a few days, as we were set on our way to the well-known and absolutely stunning Storm Peaks. Each member had a refreshed sense of freedom and exploration in their hearts, and we were ready to traverse the darkest corners of the mountains in search of the place that is rumored to have once housed their God, Yogg Saron himself." - Diabela Dar'ana


While Grizzly Hills remained fairly safe, the lands soon gave way to Scourge Ridden Zul'Drak, a place with much history and even more death. Many years ago, the once faithful Loa-Worshipping Drakkari had ruled these lands, but the onset of the Scourge Invasion had left them desperate and needing. Many were slaughtered and added to the Lich Kings army, and those who remained attempted to sacrifice their own Loa in attempt to ward off death just a little longer. It's unknown whose corpses the Sect would come up against in those lands, or if any Scourge Taint still remained at all.

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